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What Customers Say

Charlie is a very anxious dog and doesn't settle well with others, however this is never the case with Suzy, Charlie gets so excited when he sees her. Suzy is amazing with dogs and knows exactly how to make sure they're exhausted upon returning home.  She looks after them all so well as if they were her own which is all any dog owner would ever want for their dog! We often wonder what we would have ever done without Suzy

Charlie's owner


Meet Suzy


I began The Dog Centre as a dog walking business back in 2013 and it has grown and expanded into what it is today.  I am accredited with a BHCCS and ADV.Can.BHV in dog behaviour, training and psychology. I am a canine first responder and hold certifications and multiple diplomas in Animal Behaviour, Media and PR, Canine body language & care along with 5 years experience of working closely with and caring for upto 120 rescue dogs daily at PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland as a canine carer, fosterer and kennel manager. I guest write for lots of online publications, and write for the website's weekly blog, The Kennel Diaries. I love working closely alongside dogs and their owners.  Helping owners to improve their dogs' behavior through building a stronger bond using communication & kindness.  I'm very passionate about dog rescue and working to spread awareness to promote rescue dog adoption and responsible dog ownership.

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