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Mantrailing with The Dog Centre

 Join the fastest growing dog - handler fun activity in the pet dog industry

 Intros, Level 1, level 2 and level 3 Mantrailing days in Kilkenny

Dog sniffing the ground on the trail of a scent.jpg

What is Mantrailing?

The activity your dog will love you for!  Mantrailing is when a dog finds a hidden person through their unique scent trail using their amazing sniffing abilities.  Mantrailing is open to all breeds, of all ages and is the ultimate dog / handler bonding experience

Image by Anna Roberts

Once you've completed an Intro level workshop, you can join in on our training days and weekends

  • Improve your dog's confidence and have a tonne of fun along the way

  • Build a great relationship with your dog and improve their focus around distractions

  •  Nervous and reactive dogs welcome, as dogs do not socialise 

  • low impact dog sport for all ages, breeds and activity level

  • Certified course with a qualified instructor with k9 Detect & Find Ireland

  • Engage your dog's olfactory senses, sniffing exercises lower your dog's stress levels and activate the feel good hormones


Be warned, mantrailing is highly addictive!

Image by Anna Roberts
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