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Dog daycare is a service where owners can drop off their dog for play, socialisation and training in a safe environment supervised by our team of dog carers. 

Dogs and puppies are divided into play groups based on their individual play style and energy levels in our indoor and outdoor activity and lounge areas.

Dogs attending daycare learn how to socialise and build confidence, learn bite inhibition, make some friends and brush up on their training as part of the daily routine at daycare. See our day to day care routine here


Owners of dogs attending daycare:

🐾Notice improvements in their dog's behaviour as they get to meet and socialise with new dogs and people as past of their routine. 

🐾 Can feel guilt - free about leaving their dog home alone for long periods while they're at work or away. 

🐾Will notice your dog will burn off excess energy, be less destructible at home and tend to be less excitable when out seeing other dogs out on walks. 

🐾Can feel assured and confident that your dog will be happy and can roam and play all day in our 5,000 sq ft facility under safe care. 

🐾Will get updates and pics on your dog while daycare. 

🐾Will have our dog carer team on hand to offer advice and information on all your doggy needs.

Golden Retriever
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