Daycare & Boarding

Terms & Conditions

At The Dog Centre daycare, we  strive to provide the highest level of care to your dog and treat them like the furry family member they are, your dog's happiness and safety is the most important thing to us at all times, for this reason it is important to note that daycare is not suitable to every kind of dog. 

While we accept all breeds of all ages and activity levels, and carry out a pre daycare assessment for all new recruits, not every dog is going to enjoy being in a new environment, meeting new dogs and people. The entire Dog Centre team is qualified in what makes a happy dog and is highly experienced in reading dog body language and will take steps to ensure your dog's wellbeing and comfort. If we feel your dog does not enjoy daycare, we will update you immediately and talk about what the next step is.

Each new dog at daycare must be fully vaccinated and hold an up to date kennel cough vaccination.  Proof must be provided of this.  This is to ensure the safety and health of your dog and other dogs at daycare.  Puppies attending daycare will be fully accommodated for in our puppy pen but must be fully vaccinated to be admitted. 


Please note, that The Dog Centre daycare and boarding is a highly stimulated environment, full of exciting sights, sounds, smells and other dogs to meet.  This kind of environment can very exciting and it is important to note this, however, our team is highly qualified and will ensure your dog is comfortable, happy and safe at all times.

Terms of dogs coming to daycare

Every step is taken to ensure your dog's comfort and wellbeing while under our care at The Dog Centre, however, Please note that daycare will not be suitable to every dog.  Dogs with certain behavioural or aggression issues will not be accepted into dog daycare or boarding.  All dogs attending daycare need to be comfortable in new environments, with new people and ,meeting new dogs.  Dogs are divided into individual play groups that suit their unique play style.  This is so we can ensure dogs are not overwhelmed and are suited to each other's activity level and size.  We carry out a pre -assessment on all new pack members to dog daycare to ensure they are comfortable with being handled and being in a daycare environment.  All dogs must be fully vaccinated and upto date on all vaccines including the kennel cough (bordetella).  Please ensure that the kennel cough vaccine is administered one week before day of daycare (please speak to your vet professional about this).  Proof of full vaccinations will need to be provided prior to their first day at daycare.  It is the owner's responsibility to keep these vaccinations up to date.  This is for your dog's safety and health as well as other dogs at daycare.  

We hold the right to refuse admittance or cancel the contract to any dog or owner who displays aggressive, destructive or unreasonable behaviour at any time. Please be advised that you are required to have your dog on a secure lead while entering and leaving The Dog Centre premises.  The Dog Centre is not liable for any incidents which occur while entering, leaving or loitering in or around the premises.  Please be advised that daycare and boarding is a new environment to your dog and can be a very stimulating and excitable environment.  We incorporate rest and relaxation times as part of the daycare routine, however, so much excitability can lead to some upset tummies, over tired dogs or over excitability on pick up or arrival time.  Please note that payments must be settled at time of booking or before the end of each week with exception to those who book and pay in advance at the beginning of each month.  Please limit the food and water consumption of your dog when they arrive home from daycare as this can lead to some tummy upsets after a day full of excitement.

Dogs at daycare are under strict supervision of our professional canine carer team who are all trained in understanding dog body language and every measure is taken to ensure the safety of your dog, however, please note that your dog is involved in play with other dogs which can result in bruises, bumps or small injuries. In the unlikely event that your dog becomes ill, injured or involved in an accident whilst under our care, please note that we will take your dog to our closest vet clinic which is the Ormond Veterinary Clinic on Dublin Rd. Kilkenny and the owner will be responsible for any vet bills. The Dog Centre will not be liable for any death, illness or injury of a dog.  We strongly advise that you insure your dog against any unlikely events such as this.  

 there is a 24 hr cancellation policy and under 24 hrs notice of cancellation you will not be refunded. Should you wish to cancel we can move to another day or please cancel in advance of more than 24 hrs for a full refund.