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Mantrailing with The Dog Centre

Join the ultimate dog / handler bonding experience

people holding certificates

What is Mantrailing?

Training dogs to find people by their individual scent. Mantrailing workshops are held in Kilkenny with a certified instructor.  It is open to all breeds over the age of 16 weeks of age.  No previous skills required.


Once you've completed an Intro level workshop, you can join in on our training days and level workshops

  • Build nervous or reactive dog's confidence 

  • Empower your dog to make good decisions when exposed to different distractions in the environment

  • Your dog's nose dominates its brain, mantrailing allows them to use their best skill, engage their olfactory senses and provides mental stimulation

  • Scent workshops reduce behavioural issues and relieve stress

  •  On leash event - the dogs do not mix

  • low impact dog sport for all breeds and ages

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