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Dog Walking

Adventure walks are professional dog walking services that take place in Kilkenny with Suzy and Amy.  Prior to any walks, a Meet and greet appointment with Canine Behaviour Consultant, Suzy must be organised prior to booking


Note: There are currently no open spaces for new dogs to join adventure walks.


**Important** Meet and Greets are conducted with Suzy to ensure their suitability to join. The comfort and safety of the adventure walk dogs are of the highest importance, if any dog is uncomfortable or exhibits signs of distress (dislikes travelling in the van, for example, then it may be recommended they no longer join adventure walks). Adventure walk dogs consist of small groups for safety and comfort of your dog. Fully insured & Licensed, including key handling All breeds, ages and activity levels can join adventure walks but they must be social, and enjoy the company of other dogs and hold all up to date vaccinations including kennel cough.   Due to the high demand for new dogs to join adventure walks, availability is limited, please contact Suzy on 085 148 5578 to be added to the wait list for your dog/s to join the adventure walks.

Dog Running in Water

About Adventure Walks

Walks take place over a few hours in local woodland with a specific focus on safe play & engaging in natural behaviours like sniffing & exploring in safe areas under the supervision of canine professionals

  • Adventure walks run weekdays with a pickup and drop off service included 

  • Safe transit takes place in our specially kitted out dog transport van in individual crates. 

  • Adventure walks are 

  • Dogs will come home mucky from time to time! This can be unavoidable as we walk in all seasons often across wooded areas. The adventure team will be happy to follow out instructions you leave for the 'muckier moments' and leave dogs in enclosed rooms or crates/pens if you're out of the house.

  • The Dog Centre is a member of The Dog Walkers & Sitters' Association, Aspiring Excellence in Canine Professionals

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